Power of the Purse™
Planning Process

Our fee-only financial planning team alleviates the fear and uncertainty that can be connected to money by applying our Power of the Purse™ Planning Process. Our Women of Substance clients find our planning approach to be liberating. As a result, they can focus on living an independent life filled with the freedom they have desired for years.

Our Power of the Purse™ Planning Process helps SOLVE:

  1. Fear about retirement: After years of building a successful career, what does retirement actually represent? “Will I have enough money to maintain my lifestyle?” “Will I be forced to make major changes?” Or, “Will I have to abandon my clients who I have spent years serving just because I retired?” The answers to these questions, and many others, are deeply considered during the planning process.
  2. Fear about being a widow: Upon widowhood, our clients’ financial security, place of residence, ability to keep functioning in the same social circles, and overall lifestyle may be diminished. At the same time, these clients are longing for the emotional support that their spouse provided. We ease the pain of this profound loss by helping our clients plan ahead.
  3. Fear about job loss: Rarely is anyone prepared for a job loss. We encourage our clients to use this time to revisit their life’s goals, including their financial plan.
  4. Fear about divorce: The number one fear that keeps most people in a bad marriage is the fear of loneliness. However, women who leave unfulfilling marriages tend to be happier and emotionally healthier later on. We help our clients prepare for this life transition.
  5. Fear of my children needing money: When mothers support their adult children financially, their own retirement plans may be impacted. We help our clients stay on track and set boundaries around their financial goals.
  6. Fear of aging parents: Our clients may end up carrying the burden of their parents care alone. Some of our clients become the sole caregivers of one, or both, of their parents. We provide our clients with detailed guidance and empower them to understand the extent of their financial flexibility. That way, they can provide as much care as they can afford without sacrificing their own finances.

Need help with taking charge of your finances? Let’s schedule a time to sit down and explore where you are today and how to plan for tomorrow. As always, we are here to help.

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