Lynn S. Evans, CFP®

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After 20 years of creating and selling my second financial planning business, I knew I wanted to do much more for the women of my generation.  I started my third company, Women of Substance, LLC, to be a place where baby boomer women could feel welcome to explore our unspoken fears about money. Seems we missed that part of our upbringing since we were never taught about this as young women.  We were thrust into a world where we needed to prove ourselves as equal to or better than the men we worked along side. And if we chose to become mothers and wives, too, well… how to make all that work was our problem.  There was no precedents.  So we figured it out ourselves.  But that money piece was still an enigma.

As we age and face the all too common issues of widowhood, grey divorce, and employment bias of ageism, we can no longer ignore that piece of our lives.  We have to learn about money because it will take us down that rabbit hole whether we are prepared or not.  Better to have the skills to manage that or learn how to trust someone to help you.  

Not take it off your plate, help you.  

Only you know your own level of comfort when it comes to how much debt you can handle and still sleep at night, or how much of your assets you can put into the stock market and not flinch when you hear the nightly news, or how to allocate your own resources to your children who come asking for help, or, how to fairly distribute your estate.

That’s why I created this company: to help women feel at peace with their finances.  

And help the world along the way with an investment philosophy that keeps the well-being of our next generation in mind.  And the next generation.  Our kids and our grandkids.  Join me for our next chapter and leave a legacy we can be proud of.